PEFC ST 1001:2017規格の制定ー要求事項
Standard Setting - Requirements
PEFC ST 1002:2018 [FM:グループ認証]グループ森林管理認証-要求事項
Group Forest Management - Requirements
PEFC ST 1003:2018 [FM]持続可能な森林管理-要求事項
Sustainable Forest Management - Requirements
PEFC ST 2001:2020 [商標]PEFC 商標使用規則-要求事項
PEFC Trademarks Rules – Requirements
PEFC ST 2002:2020 [COC]森林および森林外樹木産品のCOC-要求事項
Chain of Custody of Forest and Tree Based Products - Requirement
PEFC ST2002:2020 [COC:外部委託契約様式] PEFC COC 外部委託契約のための様式
PEFC Technical document Template:Outsourcing Agreement  Version 1 O1.12.2020
PEFC ST 2003:2020 PEFC国際COC規格に照らした認証業務を実行する認証機関に 関する要求事項
Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of  Custody Standard
PEFC Normative Document Annex 1規準文書 PEFCの用語と定義 付属文書1
Normative Document PEFC Terms and Definitions
Annex 1
PEFC Normative Document Annex6規準的文書 認証・認定手順  附属文書6
Normative Document Certification and Accreditation procedures Annex6