Many SGEC-certified companies

run booths at the exhibition!

With the COVID-19 virus settling down, theWOOD COLLECTION 2023, was held at Tokyo Big Sight for two days from January 31 for the first time in three years.

The theme of the event was “Finding, Connecting, and Expanding New Encounters with Domestic Wood.

Many SGEC-certified companies had booths at this event!

It was possible to see new information about forest certification, with SGEC-certified products on display, and the latest buildings in which SGEC-certified wood is used being introduced at each stand.

Active participant from the local region (Fukuoka Prefecture: Kyushu Mokuzai Kougyou Co., Ltd.)
Canoes and clothing made from SGEC-certified wood are also on display (Neba Village, Nagano Prefecture)

Report of certified companies (partial)

Nagano prefecture

Josho Forest Certification Council

They are also working on the “Nigiyaka Forest Project,” which involves the evaluation of CO2 absorption in SGEC-certified forests and research and training in forestry technology.

Also, this project is cooperating with local banks and major companies to promote exchanges between forests and people.

The organization is also active in promoting SGEC certification from upstream to downstream by proposing SGEC-certified products such as crafts for children.

It plans to hold a tree-planting festival (the second one) in May this year.

Tochigi prefecture

Kanumacity forest Certification council

There are 6 companies in the FM certification group,
12 members of the COC-certified multi-site group.

The group has members with various business categories from forestry to material processing, sawmill, design, and construction companies.

Many orders from the government for SGEC-certified wood specify not only structural materials for public facilities, but also furniture, hardware, and other products.

The Kanuma City Hall, which took about four years to build, was completed this spring, and part of the building is scheduled for SGEC project certification.

Tokushima prefecture

N&E Co., Ltd. Group

The company manufactures MDF with wood chips used from SGEC-certified wood.

It maintains a stable supply and demand and sells to COC-certified suppliers.

The 100% domestic wood and SGEC-certified MDF is used for furniture and interior fittings in public facilities because of its guaranteed reliability.

Saitama prefecture

Hanno City Forest Certification Council

The Hanno City Forest Certification Council has received orders from major companies for wood products specified as SGEC-certified wood.

A project-certified “Forest House,” to be built with the council as project manager, will be completed in April.