One of the largest in Japan

88.48% certification rate

Minamifurano Town

SGEC Project Certification

Last April 2022, an SGEC project-certified shopping complex opened next to Roadside Station Minami Furano. It has become a bustling place with about 1,300 visitors a day in a town with a population of 2,300.

Mont-bell Minami Furano Store, located in a shopping complex, is one of the largest stores in Hokkaido.

This project is a construction project by Minami Furano Town for the re-organization and improvement of a roadside station, and Minami Furano Town is the project manager

The project members are the Kitaryo Minamifurano Branch, Sanei Build Kogyo, and Nagai Corporation, a special construction joint venture.

The structural materials used are SGEC-certified larch and Abies sachalinensis from Minami Furano Town, and the whole building has been certified.

The certification rate of 88.48% makes it one of the largest SGEC project certified buildings in Japan.

  • Whole Certification
  • One-story house built of wood
  • Building area:1,659㎡
  • Wood used:462㎥ (SGEC-certified wood 409㎥) Larch and Abies sachalinensis from Minamifurano Town
  • Certification Ratio:88.48%

Woodchip Garden Path

at Roadside Station Lavender Garden

Obtains SGEC Project Certification

SGEC-certified woodchips are used in the parkway following the lavender fields.

SGEC-certified wood chips are hardened with a special emulsion and processed into eco-friendly pavement.

This parkway was obtained as part of the SGEC project certification under the Minami Furano Town’s roadside station re-organization and improvement project.

During the lavender season ( middle to end of July), this place will be popular with many tourists.

  • partial certification
  • The parkway materials are made from SGEC-certified chips processed from Abies sachalinensis produced in the Southern Kamikawa Management Area of a Hokkaido-owned forest (located in Minami Furano Town).

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