Tree-planting ceremony at SGEC-certified forest in Misato Town, Miyazaki Prefecture

Arakashi (Quercus glauca), the famous material of “Hyuga binchotan”, one of the three major charcoal in Japan, will be planted in the SGEC-certified forest. This is the second time tree-planting activities that began as part of forest conservation activities.

At this event, the Misato town binchotan charcoal making technique preservation society will give a presentation on everything from trees to products.

In addition to classroom lectures, there will also be tastings of local foods actually grilled with Hyuga binchotan, giving visitors a deeper understanding of Arakashi and binchotan charcoal culture and feeling them to experience Hyuga binchotan with all five senses.

No charge with advance registration, join us!

※ What is a Binchotan

Binchotan is a type of charcoal traditionally used in Japan and is characterized by its residual product obtained by carbonizing at high temperatures for a long time.

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Date: March 21 (Tuesday) 9:00-12:00 

※Postponed to March 25 (Saturday) in case of rain

Location: Sky Lodge Ginga Village, Kitago District, Misato Town GoogleMap

Contact: Misato town agriculture and forestry promotion division +81982-66-3605

Organizer  Misato town (SGEC certified organization)・Misato town binchotan charcoal making technique preservation society