Contributing to SDGs! Yokosuka City’s public facility initiative using SGEC-certified material

The public facility “Nagai Umine Park ・Soleil Hill” in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa, which will reopen on April 14, 2023, uses SGEC-certified materials to contribute to SDGs. The exterior walls of the shop building and greenhouse in Nagai Umine Park are made of cedar wood that meets environmentally-friendly world standards certified by SGEC. SGEC-certified materials are expected to contribute to forest ecosystem services, environmental considerations, CSR activities, and SDGs.

The certified company, a’DandC Co. Inc., actively participates in the certified supply chain of forests and works toward wood circulation in urban areas, among other environmental initiatives. It is expected that the promotion of forest-certified materials will help preserve Japan’s forests and revitalize the forestry industry. SGEC/PEFC Japan hopes that Yokosuka City’s environmentally conscious use of wood will be recognized as a wonderful initiative.