Organizing PEFC Michael Berger CEO’s visit to Japan seminar

On April 5, 2023, a seminar was held on the occasion of the first visit to Japan by Michael Berger, CEO, PEFC International . In settling the situation of the COVID-19 infection rate, the seminar was organized in person after a long time and over 80 people from various fields attended. At the seminar, after reporting on the mechanisms and updates of PEFC by Dr. Berger, a talk session was held, coordinated by Dr. Nameshida, Chairman of the Japan Forest Journalist Association. During the session, questions were raised about such as why the forest certification is needed, how is the relationship with FSC, another international forest certification scheme, and how is significance of Japan, a wood-importing country, for promoting the forest certification. Dr. Berger explained in a sense that the forest certification scheme effectively addresses global issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss and guarantees companies to enable reliable sources of materials. He also stated that PEFC and FSC are working cooperatively by exchanging views when necessary and that promoting the forest certification in Japan contributes to encourage the certification in wood-exporting countries in such as Asia region. In addition, he emphasized the importance of education for young people to spread the certification.

Finally, Dr. Nameshida summarized the session by saying, “Understandings of the importance of forest certification has been deepened. We, people each should do what we can do for further development of the certification in Japan.”

After the seminar, Dr. Berger was interviewed by several media, which means a high level of interest of the media was shown on this matter.